Hey there, I am Vrushal Kapadnis.

Vrushal Kapadnis Growth Hacking Toolsnbooks
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I am an Entrepreneur Marketer. Marketing excites me and Entrepreneurship is the way for me. Before starting this blog and getting full time as a blogger, I was working in one of the best VR companies in India – Quark Exp.  My real Entrepreneurship journey started with my first startup – PuneSubji.com, which was one of the first hyper local e-commerce store in the country (Don’t judge me by the name, I was young!). Running it for a good amount of time, we had to shut it down owning to multiple reasons. Failed! Flat blank on face. But that’s how entrepreneurship has been. A lot of your favorite Entrepreneurs have failed more than they have succeeded.

There are various factors which dictate the success of your startup, right from team, your business revenue model to the investor and even something as small as the color of your email template. You will have to experiment, try out different ways, processes, frameworks and what not to achieve the ‘s’ word. People who said, execution makes you successful are old now, the new way is to execute fast. So to sum up your situation, you need to execute faster, make fast decisions, experiment on daily basis, be right most of the times and all of this with the least amount of time, money and resources. Pretty tough huh!

Some of you, reading this are marketers and let me tell you, that job is no easy too. Your boss or your client wants you to achieve growth as high as Neil Patel does and give you the budget of a local pets store and time, just enough to drive across two ends of your city. I know that, I have been in your position.

Either in both the cases, you remain as good as your tools.  Tools are not only software’s, but the mindset, process and frameworks are tools too. And just not the tools, even your knowledge resources matter. The world now is knowledge abundant, to find the right piece of content related to your specific situation is a task. And that’s exactly where, I want to help you via ToolsnBooks.

So my mission with ToolsnBooks.com is to give you the best tools and knowledge resources which are right fit for your particular situation. I will help you to grow your startup, or make your marketing campaigns successful.  Save your time and money, the rare resources!

Now that’s the ‘Why’ of the story, now let me tell you the ‘How’ of ToolsnBooks. How will I help you? The shortest answer is via relevant content. ToolsnBooks will have the following type of content on the website.

  • Tools – How to use them, reviews, discount notification, comparison, and pricing.
  • Best Tools for a specific area of Marketing (ex. Best SEO tools).
  • Frameworks for a specific task (ex. Keyword Research framework).
  • Growth Stories – successful use cases of tool or group of tools.
  • Best Books on specific areas under Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
  • Books recommended books by Top Entrepreneurs and Marketers.
  • Best Blogs, educational content on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
  • Best Marketing and Entrepreneurship Courses.

This content will be designed and delivered in a way that answers your specific queries regarding anything related to Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

To help you achieve the true north, I recommend the best possible tools for you. In this work, I do earn a commission from the links or tools I recommend, but that comes at no additional cost to you. Most of the times, using my links will save you money. I do not recommend what I feel is a waste, whatever the commissions, as value to my readers which is you, is my topmost priority. I understand the long term consequences of short term thinking.

So What next? Go ahead to your specific categories and if you still cant find anything specific, let me know via email. And don’t forget to subscribe to my email Newsletter.

Best of luck with your work!