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    My Keyword Research Framework (How to Search for Keywords)

    Keyword research Tools are critical but the process or the framework to find the best keywords for your website is more important. So for you, here is the framework, I have use to find the gold keywords for my website. SEO starts at Keyword Research! Period, you would do all things possible to get traffic through google, probably wait for six months too but a bad focus on keywords will land you nowhere! And Keyword research gives you an edge over other Marketers too, a lot too many marketers do not perform keyword research or just do not really go in depth of the subject, (The Volume Lovers). Brian Dean…

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    11 Best Marketing Books – Updated (2019)

    For a Marketer, the right books will shape your career, spread your message and help acquire customers, push them through the funnel and earn revenue out of it.  Books truly have the highest form of ROI. So here are the best Marketing books or the must read books for a Marketer. 1. Purple Cow by Seth Godin  Marketing starts at Seth Godin, and if I don’t have his book the first thing in my mind, then there is something wrong with me. But thank Godin, it is not! Seth Godin wrote this book many years ago but it’s a classic because it says something basic, timeless and important. Make remarkable things, do…